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 Build your bird cage the way you need it using our modular panels! You can make dozens of different configurations and add as many gates as you need! Each panel comes with 2 clamps, so you are only limited by your imagination!

2 Inch Mesh Bird Cage Panels

Our 2 inch mesh cage panels can be used to create a large aviary cage like the one on the left. Great for racing pigeon cages, falcons and hawks. Many people have been purchasing these as primate cages for small to medium size monkeys. Simply order the panels you need to build the bird cage to fit your needs.

The 2 inch mesh panels are designed for larger birds and primates. All of our panels can be setup in multiple configurations. Create an aviary easily. Stackable cages can be created easily with these modular panels.

* 3 ft x 4 ft mesh panels with 11 gauge welded wire and a 3/4" square steel frame for strength and durability. Panels can be used 3 ft tall or 4 ft tall to fit your needs. Easily connected together to make 6 ft or 8 ft high!

* 2 inch x 2 inch mesh openings, no exposed sharp edges!

* Panels are sold individually for your special setups.

* Black Powder-coated finish for use indoor and outdoor.

* Portable, easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

* FREE SHIPPING To the U.S 48 States!

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